Friday, February 22, 2008

Just Pretend it's Yesterday

So, for one reason or another I didn't have enough time yesterday to do my super-awesome Best of teh Intrawebs. So, just act like it's Thursday and all these goodies will be like new. I'll post tonight as well. Since it's Friday, I can stay up past my bedtime.

1) Pic: Again, not so much a single picture. This is actually a great resource. I've bookmarked this page and used it several times. You should, too. It's a Chinese Character Dictionary and uses many different dialects. So, before you get that wicked sweet tattoo, you may want to confirm what the guy at the parlor says. Just because he thinks it means "Strength," doesn't mean he's not an idiot nor a prankster and you may be about to get stuck with "he who has small penis" on his arm for the rest of your life. That's wisdom, baby.

B) This article, I feel, says a lot about our relations with China. I'm not a China hater and I really wish they would get their act together on product and food safety. But, let's be real for a second. We're asking the Chinese to do in something like 10-15 years what took over a hundred years for America to do. I mean, the FDA is a rather new bureaucracy compared to our over 200 year old country. I'm not surprised Olympiads are doing this, though. I certainly would and I most certainly support it.

III) WTF?! They did this in 1973!! Oh, this gets my dander up (this gets up my dander?)! I just can't believe that we've got our panties in a twist these days about gas mpg, carbon emissions, global warming etc. and this kind of technology has been available for 35 years. Just quite bitter. It's not even like what they did was very advanced or even convenient, stylish or marketable. But, I mean, come on. After 35 years of playing with this idea you'd figure someone would do it better. I mean how hard is it to, instead of 376 mpg get half that? A quarter of that?!?! OMG. So pissed

I hope the internets were kind to you, too.

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wanderingshadow said...

I want one of those cars immediately. I want to go strap insulation to my fuel line. Grrr