Saturday, February 23, 2008


It's Saturday morning and I am engaged in, quite certainly, the coolest internet activity in which I've ever engaged. I am playing chess with my friend in Taiwan via Facebook. It is super awesome. I cannot believe that I am able to have this kind of interaction with someone, literally, on the opposite side of the world. Ever since I began playing chess on the Facebook, this simple notion of connecting across the globe has been picking at my brain. I used to play World of Warcraft, and this notion never once gave me pause. Perhaps it's the contrast between the millenia old game of chess and the very historically nascent internet.

I want to play you in a game of Facebook chess. So, all of you must, at once, go to Facebook, install the application, "Chess," and issue me a challenge.

Now, links:

A Picture: Okay, sorry to fib...again. It's really a collection of quotes with their appropriate speaker's picture. Can I just say that I L-O-V-E Henry David Thoreau's beard?!?! OMG! Not only a revolutionary in terms of self-reliance and civil disobedience, but a regular facial fuzz forerunner. I want that beard soooo bad.

An Article: Wow! That is wicked awesome! But oh noes! There's pollution! They're chlorinating the single largest source of fresh water on the planet! It's not even like straight pool chlorine, no way, this is paper mill waste. Gross! That stuff stinks! And then old Vladi P. did some good work for the Earth. Score one for Vladi P.

WTF: Now I am absolutely certain that there is lots of stuff that pisses off lots of people, but someone actually created a list for this group. They've got links to hundreds of articles which outline the ire and disdain of Islam towards a particular cultural item. This list is long, crazy, and includes they're feelings towards Apple Computers, the Dalai Llama, even freakin' hair gel. Oh man. I'd love to see a list of what pisses off Buddhists. You think they have one? I bet it's all existential...Contest: name the best (or worst) thing on the list of everything Buddhists hate and win props on the Ego. My entry: Buddhists cannot abide the list of things they cannot abide.


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