Tuesday, November 13, 2007


So, working with Ms. Cameron (see previous post) has led me to not only create more, but to feel better about that which I do create. Talk about liberation. Or talk about fulfillment. Or, if you dare, talk about strudel.


I don't often update this blog, for reasons which I am unawares...regardless, a creative outpouring of mine will often manifest itself over on The Hayworth's 'blog: The Propaganda Pipeline (http://thehayworth.blogspot.com). Blogger is being retarded right now and not letting me create posts with the fancy interface, thus, no linkage.

I have recently posted on his troubles with MRSA, a medically resistant form of the staph bacteria. It's a three part series that has brought great joy to my life. Indeed, the Empire is a glorious creation for which I often receive awkward glances. Some people have a terribly difficult time wrapping their heads around the fact that I help run an intergalactic empire. I don't know why.

Either way, here are links to the three part series:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:



Rockel said...
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Rockel said...

(let me try that without the typo...ahem...)
Yay for creativity. Boo on you for not knowing enough html to create your own hyperlinkage. I may need skin grafts, but when the ensuing apocalypse comes I shall be king, for I can link without the aid of Blogger.

Doyle said...

Yeah, Ego, don't feel bad. I've been trying to learn to do linkage w/ html for two years, and without the ol' add ons from Blogspot, I'm dead in the water as well. So, poop on Rock-elle and all his ilk :)