Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Well, after some serious hassling and cajoling by both the Emperor and The Doyle, I suppose a post is overdue. I was really hoping for some stronger discussion on the prior topic, but that's cool.

Life has been pretty crazy. I just got back from a week's vacation to Columbia, SC to Asheville, back to Columbia then to Uwharrie, NC and finally back to Raleigh. I had a great time on the road. Jazz came along. We went to Uwharrie to spend four days and three nights in the woods of the Uwharrie National Forest. It was pretty awesome. I think Jazz was under the impression that we would be moving to the woods. Now that we're back here in Raleigh, I think she's quite happy to be back with her (my) big bed and familiar smells of home.

I recently watched Letter from Iwo Jima and that was a pretty freakin' good movie. Best Picture Nominee for a reason: Clint Eastwood is an effing genius. So, I'm watching this movie right, and they're all making battle plans to defend the island against the United States, right, and there's this point in the movie, after they talk about some of these characters lives and histories, and I said to myself, not audibly, "Man, I hope they can pull this off. What?! Wait! I'm on America's team!" That was the moment I realized I was watching a true work of art. A very well made film, go see it.

I start work with Hot Summer Nights at the Kennedy on July 9th for a seriously intense two week rehearsal. We don't actually get into the actual space until about two days before tech, either. I have got to start learning my lines...

Sean and Egm and Hazel-nuts are here in the capitol, I need to call them.

Well, there it is, a brief and, hopefully, poignant update on my status in life. Was it good for you?


Doyle said...

Ooooo baby, it was soooo good. And my dog loves to go camping, it means he can get dirty and knows he won't get a bath until we come back.

Andronicus said...

my apologies for the lack of discussion on the previous topic. there were so many different points within that needed discussion that it was difficult to argue/discuss all at once. it really merits discussion around a table at some pub.

on your recommendation, i will watch letters from iwo jima.

i'm glad you are blogging again. keep it up

Rockel said...

Now I suppose I have to post something. Damn you.