Monday, April 23, 2007

Existential Propaganda

Buenos Dias me amigos.

What a fantastic weekend it was. Friday I rolled out to the Creek to see Campbell's production of Scapin and it was a lot of fun. I knew many cast members and they all were stellar. After the show, Jason aka "Monkey," Greg, and I rolled over to the Custer's house where we chatted over tea. Monkey did not have tea. He had beer. And a cut above his eye, but that's another story. Zach was at the show, too, with his mom and the Custer's mom. I was high on nostalgia.

Saturday there was a wedding and I looked like a total pimp in all black, except for a few pinstripes.

The tie was courteous of an ever forgetful Rockel. I managed to sneak out of the extremely nice reception to go meet up with friends to commence the carousing. Seriously though, best reception ever. A vegetarian smorgasbord. Apparently the "in" thing right now is mashed potato bars. This is the third wedding I've been to with one. It was actually held at the Exploris Museum and they are doing a Sharks-3d IMAX movie that I really think I'm gonna go see.

After the reception, it was to the Tir Na Nog to meet up with the The Rockel, Greg, The Hayworth and his wife, Noelle. I was complimented on my hat by an authentic Irish person and enjoyed a glass of The Balvenie, one of my favorite scotches. We left there, got lost, and finally found ourselves at The Raleigh Times. That's when things get a little fuzzy. There were reports that the cab driver may have been a bit androgynous and I may have really embarrassed myself.

After waking up with my brain rattling all about my skull, I slammed a cup of tea and loaded up The Rockel and The Turmel into the Ghetto Glider and wheeled us over to The Farmer's Market Restaurant for a healthy, rounded, hangover-curing breakfast with plenty of water, coffee, and carbs. We discussed Christian Existentialism and came to no real conclusions. If you believe in an a priori morality, chew on this.

After wandering through aisles of fresh herbs and munching on free strawberries we parted ways. The Rockel and I rushed over to the house to start the chili before running back out to catch what was to be a free trip to the theatre where we could see a sword fight with a dragon, but when we got there, we were denied entrance from the very person who promised to sneak us in the back. They shall remain anonymous. Instead, we sat in the rose garden and debated other things we could do. Instead just went home, but not before stopping to look at the only rose in the garden.

Then we prepared a feast for the gods!

It was marvelous. Skewers of grouper, shrimp, pineapple, red & orange & green peppers, onions, and mushrooms.

Then grilled with a bit of hickory on the coals.

Let me tell you....MMMH! Ate that! With fresh homemade bread from Greg who brought Tow. Played a silly game called "Compatibility" which ended up being fun and then it was bedtime.

Is it Friday yet? I need a vacation from my weekend...

In case you've been living under a rock. I kind of kidnapped the Propaganda Pipeline.

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Doyle said...

I hate that I missed it. Did you get my e-mail to your gmail account?