Tuesday, February 27, 2007


The King is dead
The King is dead
Long live the King.

So, that was fun, and I got paid. At the end there I started to get a bit sick with this upper-respiratory thing. By then end of the final performance, I could hardly speak. It was a feat just making it through the show without breaking into pitch variances akin to pubescent boys. This becomes particularly worrisome when considering the fact that I have an audition Sunday night for Raleigh's Kennedy Theatre's Hot Summer Nights season. This is six shows I'm auditioning for at once! Well...one of them is precast...and I think two are musicals...but still, three shows at once! I desperately need my voice to be in speaking condition. Worrying about some kind of critical failure of the vocal chords, I hurried down to the Whole Foods to do some grocery shopping. This is a routine trip that I take each weekend, but this time, there was added purpose. I had to put to use the exhaustive knowledge of all things tea to dire use. I must contrive a concoction so therapeutic to the throat that I could sing Pavorotti by 5:30 -- that is, if I had the talent to sing Pavorotti (which I don't but if I did it would still be moot because I wasn't auditioning for the musicals...but with a voice like Pavi.....). I stood listening to the Norah on the iPod. It was a wet and dreary day and whenever that happens it's oversized sweaters and Norah Jones for me. I stared up at a whole wall of herbs and spices that actually stared back and said, "Yea, we're legal." This audacious exchange served to steel my resolve and charged me to action. Cardamom, cloves, black pepper, rosemary. Back to produce: lemon, and ginger root. I hurried home and in minutes I successfuly placed into the teapot a nice mound of shaved ginger, precisely ten caramom pods - split open - half a tablespoon of cloves and rosemary, and just a touch of fresh-ground black pepper. I proceeded to squeeze one slice of lemon into my teacup and plunked the extinguished rind and flesh into the teapot just in time to hear the kettle whistle. Five minutes later a delifer-iciousness teasane concoction of epic proportions was wilting half a tablespoon of honey from a silver spoon and filling my cup with its healing tastiness. The next fifteen minutes were pure rapture.

My throat felt great for the audition, but my condition has deteriorated since. I'm back on the upswing of the illness so I hope to be well by this weekend. That's when Tracie and I take a magical trip out to Asheville to stay at a little Bed and Breakfast. It's a late Valentine's since I had King Lear for the last two months.

I'm working my way through Poe's short stories right now and it's very fun. It was the complete works of Poe or the complete works of Oscar Wilde and I went with Poe. I'm just a depressing guy I guess.

Well, it's time for Nyquil. That stuff is sooooo tasty, especially when you're talking double dose.

Friday, February 23, 2007



There's that then.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Here we are one post away from 100. That's kinda neat considering my sporadic blogging habits. Here I am all woo-hooing about 100 when The Rockel just flipped over 500. I'm planning something, but it won't be some half-believable, announcement that isn't a real surprise to anyone like, "I'm moving to Angola," or something profound and insightful like, "The discussion surrounding an a priori morality is relevant only when considering whether the individuals within society are interested in reaching the same long-term societal goals," or something mind-bogglingly shocking like, "Robots are eating the brain's of the ones you love right now!" And robots don't even have a digestive system; deal with that.

King Lear opens Wednesday Feb. 14th. Details Follow:

Performance Dates:

Wednesday Feb. 14, 7:30, Preview - Pay What You Can
Thursday Feb. 15, 7:30, Preview - Pay What You Can
Friday Feb. 16, 7:30, Opening - $15.00
Saturday Feb. 17, 7:30, Performance - $15.00
Monday Feb. 19, 7:30, Performance - $15.00
Tuesday Feb. 20, 7:30, Performance - $15.00
Wednesday Feb. 21, 7:30, Performance - $15.00
Thursday Feb. 22, 7:30, Performance - $15.00
Friday Feb. 23, 7:30, Performance - $15.00
Saturday Feb. 24, 7:30, Performance - $15.00

Campbell Alumni Involved:

Andy Hayworth as The Best Stage Manager Ever in the History of Ever
Jeremy Allen as Super Save-the-Day Sound Guy
Greg Turmel as The Only Male Knight
Ryan Nazionale as Duke Albany

It's a very very cool interpretation. Shorter than the actual script (lots and lots of cuts) but the important stuff is all in their. Shakespeare was really long-winded. I don't know why he thought people would actually want to read never mind watch 4-5 hours of some loony king and his loonier (blood-thirsty) daughters.

On a completely unrelated note, I grow increasingly bitter over the bottled water craze that has continued to sweep rich, developed nations. We pay more for a gallon of water than we do for a gallon of gas. When will a water commodity market open? There is no shortage of water, yet we pay top dollar for it. Crap like Fiji that is "harvested" on an island, shipped by huge boats to neighboring islands to be bottled and then transported across the effing PACIFIC OCEAN!! to snobby Americans who think that for some reason tap water is bad for you?!?! wtf... You know how much pollution is created from you wanting water from effing FIJI?! Throw me a bone. On top of that, plastic breaks down. That bottled water has all kinds of carcinogens in it now that some of the plastic has broken down and infiltrated your water. But it's so tasty cuz it came all the way from a tiny Pacific island thousands of miles away. You know fluoride is necessary for good dental health? You think Dasani puts fluoride in their water? If people are so skeptical of the water that comes out of their taps then why don't they petition their local governments to increase the standards for tap water and then enforce those standards? I'll tell you why, because that would be too easy. They'd rather be all like, "Hey, I pay taxes for this water, but I'll spend $6.99 of my own disposable income on a six-pack of water from the grocery store. This way I can pay for my water twice, get cancer, and continue to let my elected official do the really important stuff like blow coke off a hooker's ass." I love people. Buy a water filter and do it yourself. omfg....

And because I'm a link whore, here's a couple of the coolest things I've found online in the recent past:

Post Secret - One of the most breath-taking websites I have ever seen. So simple and so moving.

Found Magazine - Remember that random note you found on the sidewalk outside the grocery store? Send it here. Then read other people's intriguing finds.

Reddit.com - In case you didn't see it over there on the sidebar or read about it on a fellow blogger's page, this is my favorite website. I waste many hours here. My profile: Th3_C0bra. As if you couldn't guess.

100 is nigh.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Never Forget