Sunday, January 21, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

Today is a most happy day. One might go so far as to say "splendiferous." You are probably asking yourself, "Why, on this rainy, cold, nasty day are you in such a happy, perhaps splendiferous, mood?" I shall enlighten you.

I have my computer back.

And my own desk.

Right next to the television.

It is super awesome.

I haven't been on this thing in over a month and before then it was less than five times in several months. So, the fact that I am plugged back in is wicked awesome. YouTube, Comedy Central, and all the other wonders of the web are at my fingertips. I even logged onto AIM today (crazymunkee for those of you who forgot). I love these series of tubes. It's only a matter of time before I'm hacking away on the world of warcraft again. Mwahaha.

So, remember that dog I got that was deaf? She's awesome. You should go get one. A deaf dog, that is. You see, she never knows when I come home, so she doesn't freak out before I get to her. She doesn't care about barking dogs because she can't hear them. She isn't afraid of thunder. All of which rocks my socks.

Speaking of sock rocking, check out the new Tenacious D album "Pick of Destiny" on iTunes. If you don't have iTunes you are stupid.

Back into the tubes!

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Luke said...


So I have started a new blog. Check it out. this one i'll continue to update. hopefully.

hope everything is good.