Thursday, December 28, 2006


Well, I've been hassled enough to finally decide to publish a new post. I read today that there are over 200 million blogs that are no longer updated and I didn't like being in that number. I also refuse to kill The Ego eight posts shy of 100. Hope everyone is doing well and I fully intend on becoming more blog active in the near future.

In the past few months I've completely moved in with my lady. I'm actually turning in the keys to my apartment today. This is very exciting and a little scary, which adds to the excitement - in turn making it more scary and I digress... Part of the reason there has been no post is due to this very fact: I've simply been busy moving. I'll be purchasing a Mac before the end of February and that's when my e-life should be up and running again.

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas. I sure did. I went to Roxboro (AKA "The 'Boro) to spend the holiday with the ladie's family. This was an experience indeed. I enjoyed the trip, had some good eats, and received many a wine-themed gift. Tracie bought me a grill so there may soon be an invitation sent out for a party in which there will be delicious grilled fish and veggies.

The Mendenhall's are doing swell. I saw them. Recently, in fact. They did this "Christmas Carol" thing and it was good. Then we ate some pizza at The Mellow Mushroom which was also good. I got fat and laughed a lot, again: good. I hate "A Christmas Carol." I don't know why. It might have to do with my disdain for Dickens (he was a hack who wrote periodically to newspapers, all his work is too long cuz he needed the pay), the cliche that the show has become, or just the fact that no version can out-do the Muppet's. However, every year I end up at a production and I always leave smiling. I blame Tiny Tim. Blast that cripples holiday cheer.

The New Year will be spent in Columbia, partially at a wedding, partly celebrating Christmas Part II: The My Family. I have no plans for the actual Eve of New Year's, so if you'll be in Columbia and bored and 21, call me. Resolutions follow:

1. Maintain Correspondence
2. Turn off the TV (this happens the day after the Super Bowl)
3. Write
4. Read
5. Gym
6. Budget

I figure I'll stick to at least one of those.

Theatre: I still do it. I'm in King Lear. We open in February. I'll be at Peace College and they might ask me to get naked. They haven't yet. We'll see what happens (see Resolution 5). I tried to be Jesus, but I'm not fit. That's a long story, though, too long and far too personal for here. Nothing else is lined up.

I've recently had the desire to move to Spain...

Adios para ahora