Monday, September 25, 2006

Stuff and Things

Hello Good Citizens,

It is I. And as in I, I mean Ego, as in Sigmund Freud in your face. What?!

Anyway, it's been an emotional Monday Night what with the Saints marching back into New Orleans and whupping on them Falcons. That's pretty painful. Atlanta doesn't have a fan in that building.

I closed An American Daughter this Sunday and it was swell fun. Met some very very cool people, got my foot in the door with another theatre in town. I'm doing King Lear in February with Peace College and I may be working on a show with Burning Coal in Oct. which takes place in a cemetery. Sounds wicked cool to me.

The Poetry Bus is coming to Durham Oct. 6th. I'm doing my damndest to be there. Check out Th3_C0bra's Xanga for at least one (and eventually, hopefully, more) poem by one of the featrued artists.

Is Jon Stewart planning a presidential run? Or do you think its just that Hollywood really wants him to? I don't know. But I would vote for him.

For all my married readers (yes, you) and all my single readers, too (that's the rest of you -- whom I think stand to gain the most from this): never forget your aniversary again. Gives new meaning to "burning ring of fire."

Get an IV league education for free.

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Andronicus said...

Why is Harvard trying to become un-elite? Won't that devalue the product (education) they're trying to sell? I mean, if Harvard isn't hard ot get into, it will be just like any other school.