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So, in the midst of an all out immigration war on the home-front, our esteemed president wants to make English the National Language. This is different from the current system insofar that English is, right now, only our "official" language. The only major change that will result in the shift from "official" to "National" is that individuals and organizations would be able to deny people goods and services if they do not speak English.

Ask me: What's wrong with that?

Nothing on the surface. It stands to reason that individuals speaking a language other than English would be forced to seek out alternative providers of goods and services; ones that specialize in serving individuals with said linguistic "deficiencies." This is great for competition and capitalism as a whole. We will provide a federally sponsored program for major corporate conglomerates to expand and even price discriminate against individuals who speak foreign languages due to the "hardship" imposed on the company for having to "deal" with non-English speaking individuals. This starts off sounding good...and moves to bad. Did you see that shift? It happened around "federally sponsored program."

Additionally, any and all public services could (and WILL!!) be denied to individuals speaking foreign languages. What happens here is that anyone who needs emergency care will be denied that service if they can't fill out this form, in triplicate, in English. It also means that any foreign speaking persons wanting to reserve the baseball field at the local state park will be denied said service. It also means no welfare for foreigners, which sounds all well and good, but many of them are less likely to apply for welfare than English speaking, US Citizens (source).

I don't understand why this topic was even brought up by our esteemed leader, George Herbert Walker Bush, as he has enough on his plate to concern himself with than something like this. I mean, when I hear people speak in support of English as the national language, I can't help but wonder "What Would Hitler Do?" And I think he would make Aryan the National Race, too.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I side with those that call this racism. I sincerely believe that this is directed at Spanish speaking individuals. Do I feel concern over whether this will pass? No. I'm sure this type of legislation has been suggested in the past during periods of high immigration by persons from Asia and Europe. Our nation needs be less xenophobic than it has already grown to be, and support of this type of legislation does nothing more than further an ideology of intolerance and fear.

However, I would support any legislation that called for Spanglish as the national language.

Friday, May 19, 2006

It's Alive!

No, it's not Jell-O. But, speaking of Jell-O, I never knew why anyone would eat anything who's slogan was "It's Alive!" I prefer to eat things that have been dead, and for some time. That's also assuming I'm eating something that had at one point been alive, which is a rarity indeed.

On a less gelatinous note, I, as Jell-O, am alive, but not in the wiggly, jiggly, been in the fridge for several hours kinda way. Moreso, I'm alive in a "I have yet to kick the bucket and join the bleeding choir almighty" kinda way. I graduated from college and now have my MBA. Hizzah! To celebrate, the Rockel bought me one of these:

For those of you unawares, or illiterate (and if this is the case, why you have ventured to the Ego is beyond me), that is Johnny Walker Blue Label "The Connoisseurs' Blend." The age of the whiskey (Scotch whiskey) is uncertain, but they are all kept for a minimum of 25 years, maturing in oak, with a strong peaty flavor yet remarkably smooth to the palate. So smooth, in fact, that we polished off a fifth of this ridiculously expensive liquor in an evening at the end of which we walked a mile and a half across Harnett County back to 30-Dizzle from a raucous party full of recent grads and a bonfire. I remember little of the trek back, but I recorded some thoughts on my phone including this message to myself:

"The Rockel wishes I was bald."


That's spanish for "bastard."

I'm a linguistics genius.

Since then I've been diligently preparing to move to Raleigh. I'll be living next door to Cameron Village, so anyone looking to have a good time in the downtown metropolitan areas should look me up as you would not have to drive anywhere -- which totally rocks face. As far as work is concerned: HA! But seriously, I need a job. You wanna pay me 40K a year to do nothing? No? Maybe someone else will. Hell, I have my MBA.

I'm currently working on a production of Shadowlands, directed by Luke Custer, with Arising Light Productions. Buy tickets online and come see my show. It'll be great, you'll love it.

The force most responsible for my absence in the 'blog world has been my computer. After successfully discovering the cure for e-AIDS, I reinstalled the World of Warcraft and have since been fervently attempting to make hunter Grimthaka and his pet tiger, Tang, a dual force to be reckoned with. I am currently level 22 and need to get to 60. So, in the event of another prolonged absence, go to Wal-Mart, buy World of Warcraft, join the Horde, create a character in the server "Zul'jin," send Grimthaka a tell (and money) and we can have a wonderful fantasy conversation in a world that does not exist -- but, oh, how we love to pretend it does.

Speaking of which, there are Kodo Beasts and Deepweater Moss Spiders that need being slain today. So, adieu (there I go with the linguistics, again). In the meantime, listen to some Gnarls Barkley. They are a new hip-hop group coming to you as a collaboration of former Goody Mob member, Cee-Lo, and DJ Danger Mouse. Both are very good at what they do and they bring a strong, positive message through hip-hop music with sick-nasty, progressive beats. Check out the video for "Crazy" at Yahoo! Launch for a serious mind trip.