Saturday, April 08, 2006

Matthew Kay Rockel

For those of you that weren't aware:

Matthew Rockel, of Red What and Blue, has the middle name "Kay." That's a girl's name.*

For those of you that weren't aware:

In our experimental conditions, it has been demonstrated, for the first time, that [Aspartame] causes a statistically significant, dose related increase in lymphomas and leukaemia in females at dose levels very near those to which humans can be exposed.

The first results of our study call for urgent re-examination of permissable exposure levels of [Aspartame] in both food and beverages, especially to protect children.

For those of you that weren't aware:

Scientists agree that approximately 10% of aspartame (by mass) is broken down into methanol in the small intestine. Most of the methanol is absorbed and quickly converted into formaldehyde. Some scientists believe...the levels of methanol and particularly formaldehyde have been proven to cause chronic toxicity in humans, and the low levels of methanol and formaldehyde in human metabolism are tightly-controlled such that significant increases from aspartame ingestion are not safe.

Phenylalanine is an amino acid commonly found in foods. Approximately 50% of aspartame (by mass) is broken down into phenylalanine. Because aspartame is metabolized and absorbed very quickly (unlike phenylalanine-containing proteins in foods), it is known that aspartame could spike blood plasma levels of phenylalanine.

Based on case histories from aspartame users, measuring levels of neurotransmitters in the brains of animals and measuring the potential of aspartame to cause seizures in animals, some scientists believe that aspartame may affect neurotransmitter production. They believe that even a moderate spike in blood plasma phenylalanine levels from typical ingestion may have adverse consequences in long-term use. They are especially concerned that the phenylalanine can be concentrated in fetal brains to a potentially neurotoxic level...they feel that humans are approximately 5-6 times more susceptible to the effects of excitotoxins than are rodents...they are particularly concerned with potential effects in infants and young children

For those of you that weren't aware:

Matthew Rockel is
Retarded and super lame.
He can't count to five.

* Actually it's an Old Welsh boy's name. That makes him a sheep shagger.

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Doyle said...

Well, if you want the English Major to pull out the stops, it is also the name given to King Arthur's older step-brother. Who, depending on which strain of Arthurian Legend your into, was either incredibly important or just important enough to bid Arthur goodbye from this world. Mallory has him as amazing, T.H. White merely makes him an in and out character. Still, hung out w/ Arthur, has to be somewhat important.