Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Eric Said So

Oscar night 2006 arrived during the season of Lent much to my chagrin. I am an overwhelmingly huge fan of the Stewart, Jon and, ever so slightly less, the Academy. I visited the vastly booming metropolis of Atlanta to visit the Mendenhall's for an evening and watched the Oscar's with them.


I'm fasting television.

Instead, Bethany followed along on the computer. As the winner was announced, the site was updated, and the men (that's Eric and Me) were to postulate the winner, submitting an official selection the Misses of the Mendenhall's. Since I was a guest in their home, demanded fish, and refused to allow them the pleasure of watching the television...

I let Eric win.

I did! You can call me a liar, a fraud, a bullshitter of the highest order, but, alas, it is so. I know, Eric, it hurts. You thought you beat me. ME! He of the Greatest Ego! THE Cobra. Sorry, you did not. You were appeased.

Overall, 12 of my picks were good. I failed to give Memoirs of a Geisha their due respect and I paid for it. It didn't help when I tried to and John Williams got beat by gay cowboys (wtf). And you already know how I feel about pimps wit' dey "hoes on a tray." "Hoes" being a synonym for "Snow Bunny" which is a synonym for "White woman of ill repute."


Rockel said...

Booyah! 12. Does that mean I also beat you? HA!

the butcher. said...

why let me beat you by 5 ... why such a trouncing ... why not keep it close ... why sit in utt3er stun silence as i chose winner after winner ... proclaiming your own disdain for the academy as I relish in your own ineptitude to counter my surprising performance ... so unless you had a clever design to beat me from the very beginning and throw your oscar voting card ... which would never fit with the cobra ... he who is egotistically superior ... i doubt your defense holds any water... let the public judge.

Eric (simply superior) ... 17
Ryan (egostistically, and solely egotiscally, superior) ... 12