Friday, February 03, 2006


Funny Sudoku story:

Recently, during rehearsal for "Rumours" by Neil Seimon, Amber passes me a page from her sudoku. I say,
"Sudoku is way gay. I can't believe what a loser you are."

I did the puzzle completely out of spite.

The next day, I'm at Inside-Out Sports next to Whole Foods Market on Wade Avenue in Raleigh. She's working and I'm waiting for her lunch break so we can go to the airport and I can go to New York.

She has recently purchased a sudoku book.

"I don't even know how to play." says she.

"I'll show you."

I do the first three puzzles.

She's wants to play.


She begins.

I wait.

"5 goes there."

"I know."

She squints real hard.


"Sudoku is so lame."

Time passes. It's time to go to the airport. We leave. Mushy-mushy, and I'm alone next to the
terminal waiting for my plane to arrive. I've already got a new high score on my cell phone application "Tetris," and I need something else to do. After reading a chapter of Jean-Paul Sartre's "Essays in Existentialism," I go exploring in RDU.

I find a Sudoku Puzzle book in a small, overpriced bookstore. Ironkically enough, it's composed by the same person as Tracie's.

The book is mine.

I'm on puzzle 24.


Anonymous said...

your only on puzzle 24? come on ryan, u can do better than that. i'm already on 50 something. granted, i messed a few up and quit but i'm still way further than you =) hey, i got a ?.... could i do a puzzle in YOUR book??? hahaha

AlohaAmby said...

you freaking loser. first of all. a) you changed my effing home page on my Mozilla Firefox to your effing journal. What a dork. b) you effing worship sudoku and feel stupid for calling me a loser because you now LOOOOOVE sudoku and play it ALL the time and I'm on puzzle 121 and you're on like 24. c) I can't believe how much more cool I am. d) I was just telling people about our soon to be Tony Award winning musical and they threw stuff at me. Can you believe that? The THREW stuff at me! Whatever, when we get a Tony they can't even SEE it.