Saturday, February 18, 2006

I Cain't Vote So Guhd...

Democracy for Dummies

Disenfranchising America


nemein said...

thinking of converting to blogspot. points for/against?
looking at the links happens now, so I cant' comment on them yet.

The Cobra said...

Blogspot r0X0r because:

1) Way more stylish with a greater variety of templates.
2) Class. You don't "subscribe" to people's journals, you choose to link to someone else's
Webblog. This is why my Xanga is poetry (journal) and Blogspot is opinions ('blog).
4) Whereas I have always been a Blogspotter first, many totally awesome Blogspotters have made
the switch from Xanga to Blogspot including: The Rockel AKA the Leopard and The Paradigm
Shifter, even Alohaamby has opened her own page.
5) Uuummm, me. Like, duh.
3) eProps are for high school kids

Rockel said...

On the comments:
Blogspot v. Xanga. Blogspot wins in a unanimous decision.

On the post/links:
Sheesh, Ryan. You and your whacked-out conspiracy theories.

bethanymendenhall said...

Blogspot is a little bit more difficult to figure out for those of us who are Computerly unsmart. However, it has all been worth it for the thrill of being endorsed by one who is, in fact, egotistically superior as a "totally awesome blogspotter."

wanderingshadow said...

granted, its a bit trickier, but I almost got a bit of a rush figuring out how the link thing works...that totally rocked...
and so I'm converted...