Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Give My Regards...

Give them here.

But I do not need you to give mine for I will surely give yours, this weekend in fact. No, you read correctly. To clarify:

I'M GOING TO NEW YORK!!!!!! (bitches)

The reason? An audition at the Tisch School for the Arts at the New York University.

To give you an idea of what eactly I'm in for, there are three weekends of auditions in New York, one weekend in Chicago, and another in Los Angeles -- each filled with three days of young aspiring talent. Fifty of these fantastic dreamers get called back in March and 18 get invited to join the program.

So...yea...and stuff...I'm going for the big time. Audition on Broadway Avenue. Crossin' my fingers and sayin' a little prayer so "tell all the gang at 42nd street I'll soon be there."

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