Tuesday, January 31, 2006

This Blog Totally Rocks

This one.

Join along on one young female's journey through the hustle and bustle of this thing we call life.

Might it also be said that Little Miss Nomad made a desperate appeal to my emotions which I was not prepared to endure. Let this be a warning to others: your pain is nothing to me. Jaime's words cut, healed, and scarred. Whatever semblance of a heart I had left has been hardened and immune to any attacks inflicted by you upon discovering the exclusion of your blog from my sidebar. If you wish your blog to receive my highly coveted endorsement you must appeal to a more objective, utilitarian, humorous, or insightful realm of my consciousness.

In other news:

I love fish.

It took me becoming a vegetarian to even consider the wide world of fish.

I guess that doesn't make me a vegetarian. A "vegequarian" would be a more accurate term.

I like red snapper, sea bass, salmon, tilapia, mahi mahi, and swordfish.

I do not like catfish. They eat shit.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


It's a good thing.

As you may or may not have noticed, I have revamped ye old Ego.

If you feel that your blog is worthy of my endorsement and find its absence disconcerting, you may submit to me a short essay (less than 100 words) explaining why your blog should be included in my list.

There are also some fun little links I would recommend. Check back on those. They might be changed and updated or deleted.


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It's all so clear now...

You scored as Anarchism. <'Imunimaginative's Deviantart Page'>

















What Political Party Do Your Beliefs Put You In?
created with QuizFarm.com

I've been so curious for so long on just how I could pigeon-hole myself. Thank you QuizFarm.com for showing me precisely where I belong on the political spectrum with your bubble-in E-queries. I wonder how many people say they love the teachings of Benito Mussolini. How many people recognize the name, know his teachings, or still believe in Fascism. I would argue that the only remaining fascists in America are too ignorant to realize that Il Duce invented da damn thang.


Thursday, January 19, 2006

"If you're a fan of hardcore country music this is one for you."

Monty and the Pythons

Sue these people.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not big on the Copyright Act of 1972, but throw me a freakin' bone here! This is blatant infringement upon the rights of the greatest comedy troupe of all time THE Monty Python.

Proof of this is evident if any of you iTunes subscribers care to do a search for "Monty Python." Right there with the other 10+ albums by the real guys is this utterly fraudulent composition by a group of individuals blatantly seeking exposure by riding on the coattails of geniusi. And if I know the Pythons (and I do) they would never let anyone ride on their coattails....especially some honky tonk, two-steppin', country-bubba from Nashville!

So, I am calling for a boycott of Monty and the Pythons. That includes any an all songs written by Monty Holmes. So if anyone who peruses this blog suffers through similar ear-hemorrhaging noise such as George Strait and LeAnne Womack...CEASE AND DESIST!! Change the radio station with all deliberate speed! Avoid CMT! And, most importantly, That Nasheville Network!

Only when these so called "pythons" (note the lower case) change their name, recall all their albums, submit a public apology to the real Pythons (and to me!), and admit that country music totally sucks balls will I entertain the idea of repealing my boycott. And not a second earlier!

We must protect the pockets of the Pythons! It's what they would want.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Give My Regards...

Give them here.

But I do not need you to give mine for I will surely give yours, this weekend in fact. No, you read correctly. To clarify:

I'M GOING TO NEW YORK!!!!!! (bitches)

The reason? An audition at the Tisch School for the Arts at the New York University.

To give you an idea of what eactly I'm in for, there are three weekends of auditions in New York, one weekend in Chicago, and another in Los Angeles -- each filled with three days of young aspiring talent. Fifty of these fantastic dreamers get called back in March and 18 get invited to join the program.

So...yea...and stuff...I'm going for the big time. Audition on Broadway Avenue. Crossin' my fingers and sayin' a little prayer so "tell all the gang at 42nd street I'll soon be there."