Saturday, December 31, 2005

Auld Lang Syne

Translates to "the times gone past; the good old days."

So here we are wishing a fond farewell to good old days gone by and I, for one, look back with contentment and cheer on this past year. 2005 brought us such amazing endeavors as

--Daego's Sober Semester
--Happy 22nd B-Day
--The Death of the Daego and the subsequent
--Birth of The Cobra
--The Taming of the Shrew
--Welcoming back lost family
--Poetry, which I know you all love...

Hopefully, 2006 will be as exciting. New Year's resolutions include:

--Getting in the gym ("BEEFCAAAAKE!!")
--Turning habit into recreation
--Being a better lover (I recommend this to all of you)

Happy New Year everybody!! And don't go too crazy on the Willie-Waught!!

"And here's a hand my trusty friend,
And put your hand in mine.
We'll take a right good willie-waught [Drink],
For old lang syne.

And surely you'll lift up your glass,
For surely I'll lift mine,
And we'll drink a cup of kindness yet,
For old lang syne."

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


The one that separates you from me.
The one between bondage and free.
The one between love and loss.
The one between price and cost.

The fine truth of perception.
The selectively deceptive.
The moment between is and was.
Beginning to loathe that which you love.

What is compromise if not surrender?
A heart of stone if not too tender?
Sunlight if not blinding white?
Hope if not out of sight?

Sittin' pretty atop my Tower

Where are you?


When will the corporate super-powers that dictate life and ligislature in the West uphold their humanitarian duty by empowering the people of Africa instead of perpertuating a culture of exploitation?

When will our compatriots cease to believe the strobe they place at the center of their homes and families, open their eyes to the lies they've been fed, spew them into the lap of their leaders, and demand truth?

When will the Earth, created on the second day, be held in higher regard than the profits one can reap by raping her?

Where do we draw the line between justified social unrest and terrorism?

When do the convictions of the noble become the ideologies of the insane?