Monday, November 14, 2005

I Don't Do This Often...

Capitalist ideology,
Money-market psychology --
Mockable as phrenology
In next-gen chronology.

Supply in the can --
The market demands
A change in the way
Man understands.

Primevil comprehension,
Intellectual detention --
Who own's the ressurrection?
Beaurocracy's confection?

Frightened of life --
Necessary stryfe!
Moan and gripe...
Spoon-fed rights...

Question conformity.
Browbeat authority.
Conglomerate beauty
Epitomizes duty.


Doyle said...

You are still alive, amazing. I would have sworn you had died a few weeks ago. Welcome back to the land of the Blogger Living.

Rockel said...

Yer Mom's retarded