Sunday, September 25, 2005

Question Everything

What is it that compells you? Is it fear? Is it love? Is it some innate desire to succeed where other's have failed or is it an empassioned yearning to overcome the maze of adversity laid out before you? Are you motivated by the shortcomings of your parents? Their failures at raising a “good, upstanding, law-abiding, contributing member of society?” Or maybe you just want to know who your parents are and why they felt compelled to expell you from their extremely important lives.

What is it that you want to accomplish? Are you a radical in search of global change or do you think it starts at home? When you watch television does your stomach churn with every passing channel? When you hear political pundits voice their views, their ideals, their “truths” across the great waves that stretch across nations and force themselves into your ears and eyes and minds do you smile abjectly as a peaceful serenity of reticent acceptance floods your soul?

If you died tonight what would they say about you tomorrow? Where you one of strong convictions? Did you follow your passion? Did you lay down in the midst of life's great highway and dare the oncoming traffic of stryfe – sports cars and mack trucks – to proceed unyieldingly, unswervingly? Did you rise up above the busy streets, the constraints we invent – time, success, money – the songs of yesterday and the movies of tomorrow? Did you fit into there little round holes? Did you break the mold? Did you shatter existence beneath your feet when you chose to bow before the powers of feeling, righteousness, enligtenment? Did you blaze a path worry to be followed?

What is truth? Where are the answers? Where is the treasure promised by the maps of generations passed? Where is the new wine? Who will toil in the fields when the peasants have left their plowshares to rust? When Old and Evil rise up to the highest ranks of the hierarchy we have allowed them to create who will be the voice of dissent?

What will you do to change everything?

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Rockel said...

I'm questioning your sanity.