Saturday, September 03, 2005

A Call to Fast

So many of us have seen the images on the television. We have heard of the destruction and the chaos. We have watched the humanity and the pain and the anger. We have asked ourselvesm, "what can we do? We are so far away..." Yet we feel that a part of ourselves is their in the wake of the destruction. Or at least I have...and I do...for Biloxi is my town of birth.

I want to call all those who read this to Fast. Be it food, drink, AIM, swearing, sex, TV -- be it all of the day, an hour a day, a week, a month a year. If you have ever participated in a fast, for lent, or for yourself, or for some other cause then you know the power it has. The Lord sees your sacrifice and will work through it. I myself am giving up one day's food for each of the next four weeks. During meal times, I will pray. When I am hungry, I will pray. I will consume only water; no soda, no tea, no juice, no bread, no substance -- only water.

Everyone, certainly, will pray for help. For swift recovery and preservation. For strength and perseverance. For protection from continued backlash. But I want to call you to pray for a problem whihc some of us as less aware of.

There are those around us that say, "they should've left when they had the chance." They say, "I can't eel bad when they so stubbornly chose to remain in their homes during a massive natural disaster."

In response I say that the people who left had a place to go and a means to get there. Many of those left behind had neither.

In your fast, if you fast, please pray for the hard hearts of those who do not care. Ask whatever God you pray to to soften those hearts.

Thank you...


Andrea said...

Thanks for the reminder - prayer always goes by the wayside in times like these, as people are more prone to try to take action - but prayer can be more powerful than the actions of any one person.

bujinkankid said...

I definently agree. Good post, convicting. I'm impressed.