Wednesday, August 31, 2005

On Niggers

written as a response to the Tempe, Arizona controversy over Mark Twain's classic novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Niggers are not black. Niggers are not Moors. Niggers are not African. Niggers are ignorance. Niggers perpetuate an ideology of ignorance. Niggers blame classical literature for spawning an ideology of hatred and bigotry. Niggers question what authority White Man has to deem literature "classic" while failing to question what authority White Man had when he assembled the works of The Bible. Niggers place blame on books, on paper, on words, instead of placing accountability upon individuals. Niggers exempt themselves from intelligent discussion and debate that seeks to find the heart and purpose of controversy. Niggers shut their minds to the views and opinions of others. Niggers take their footballs and go home to read Charles Dickens -- believing that it is somehow comparable to Twain. Niggers wrap themselves in self-righteous arrogance. Niggers believe if we euphemize a tool of hatred and evil down to something as menial as "the N-Word" it will somehow alleviate the hurt, when in actuality they only succeed in strengthening the power of "nigger" and proliferating the evil and pain that it has grown to connote and cause. Niggers ban book.

May the comments be biting, stinging, and accusatory, but, please, let them be intelligent...


Rockel said...

Excellent post, my friend. Excellent.

Everything surrounding the word "Nigger" has been marked by ignorance. The very conception of the word into the English language was at the mouths of ignorant white men who failed to pronounce correctly the word "Niger," describing on a bill of sale the area from which a group of human beings was being shipped.

Recently, Mr. Bernard Goldberg was being interviewed by Jon Stewart, while promoting his book 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America. It is a most excellent interview, and I encourage everyone to watch it in it's entirety (it can be found, obviously, on However, during the interview, something happened that not only showed how much of a moron Mr. Goldberg truly is, but also blended together in perfect proportions both tragic irony and ignorance.

The setup:
Mr. Goldberg was talking about the "crass" nature of today's culture. He made the point that "Once upon a time, not too long ago, a drunk in a bar wouldn't use the F-word." He then pointed out the prevalence of the word today. To which Mr. Stewart responded, "Once upon a time, Thomas Jefferson f*cked slaves."

An excellent point by Mr. Stewart, however the true moment of genius happened shortly after:
Mr. Goldberg then ran with this concept of the "F-word" being "just a word," by attempting to point out the power of "just words."

I quote him:
"Let's say there's a bigot channel (on television), and on the bigot channel, Hispanics are Spics, and Jews are Kikes, and Gays are Faggots, and black people are you-know-what."

"YOU-KNOW-WHAT."????? Of course, Jon responded incredibly, check it out.

But COME ON!!! We can say Spics!!! and Kikes!!! and Faggot!!! but you cannot say NIGGER!!!


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Jersey said...

An excellent point Mr. Cobra and you as well Mr. Rockel

Anonymous said...

It is a very good point about the over-sensitivity to the word "nigger". Even beyond that, it is basically a term of endearment in the black race, but if you are outside of the race and use it you could easily be shot or beaten to death. I really don't know why nigger is so much more taboo than the 100's of other slang words for every race including white. But, in general it just seems in the public eye comments about blacks based even in part on their race are totally off limits. Like the whole Limbaugh thing last year.

The Cobra said...

I think it's sad to that the AFrican American people in our society will allow each other to perpetuate a double standard that so obviously hurts their culture. To allow snoop dogg to call Dr. Dre his Niggah, but not even Eminem is allowed to say it on his album (see "Criminal" from his Marshal Mathers' LP).

Perhaps black people should listen more closely to the philosophies of Bill Cosby.

Doyle said...

That's one thing I love about Bill Cosby, his guts to tell it like it is. Now, the only reason people don't like it when he does so, is because they are used to him being funny. As soon as it get serious, well, whoa, that's not the Bill Cosby I wanted to see. Huzzah for Cosby!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am uncomfortable with the word nigger, though not so uncomfortable as to avoid using the term, when it is the very topic of discussion.

Robert Wayne said...

I have no use whatsoever for niggers. But being from Dixie I've had to live with them all around and know what total pieces of shit they all are. Yankees, especially limousine liberals are fools when it comes to dealing with niggers.

Anonymous said...

as long as the nigger is egoistically superior - they think they are all enlightened, it aint about taking points away from the white... a nigger is 'the man'. niggresses are insecure too. even when you are helping them get ahead in life and take them to a country club for a couple of beers and enjoy themselves in an atmosphere of non-ignorance, they are still trying to one up you and rape women... fucking niggers. god damn jigs.

nrm said...

I COMPLETELY AGREE with the commentaries and text shown above. 'Nuff said. LOOK AT MY ACCOUNT NAME ITS NOT ANY ANONYMOUS SAYING SHIT, Bitch.

Eura Nigger said...

If calling NIGGERS "niggers" strikes NIGGERS as being dehumanizing, then it is appropriate to do so, because NIGGERS are subhuman.

Zen Klansman said...

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