Friday, April 15, 2005

And one More thing

I got something else to say. Let's go ahead and play that blame game. Let's point the finger right at the new wave of media sweeping the nation. A wave consisting of cross-fire, Bill O'Reilly, and Michael Jackson. The media has turned its back on its solemn purpose and given way to the appealing temptation of entertainment. The media, whose sole purpose is to provide the public with a clear, unbiased view of the TRUTH. Instead we get split screens with two extremists who bicker and argue over menial points of one issue or another that may or may not have any real importance concerning the state of the nation. The biggest news in the country is which celebvrity is in trouble this week. Every channel has some story about Michael Jackson every day. Is this what freedom of the press is all about?

What has happened in America is that the centrist has lost his appeal. The news stations, desperate for ratings, are appealing to the whims of the entertainment industry. If people won't fight on camera, we won't watch. Reality television has infiltrated the six o'clock news and the people that are hurt by it the most is Joe Citizen. Sitting there with his popcorn and beer on his sofa laughing at one moron and chastising another, all the while believing that he is watching intelligent debate.

Why does it have to be one extreme against another? Why does the Republican party force members to agree and uphold every single one of their platform issues? Where is the middle ground? I firmly believe that had the people not viewed George Bush as this extreme right-winger that John Kerry wouldn't have won that primary election. The democrats of the nation felt as though they HAD to get someone as extreme as Bush in order to for people to act against Bush. When in reality, what the American people as a whole were demanding was a man more middle of the road.

There is a heritage within the centrist movement. JFK, Roosevelt, Thurman. These men held certain doctrines on both sides of the fence and attempted to bring them together for the benefit of everyone. Instead what we see is the news media spoon-feeding the public this idea that everyone is either as far left as they can be or as far right. That any attempt to sit in the middle and be reasonable and listen to legitimate arguments from the other side with the intention of understanding their point-of-view is a cop out. That centrists are too afraid to take a hard stance on an issue. That centrist want to please all of the people all of the time, when in fact none of these are true.

The reason so much of the things that I tiraded about concerning the third world are allowed to take place is because it gets swept under the rug by the media. We can't be that controversial. We cant' tell the people the real truth about the atrocities taking place in the world. The people don't want to hear that. My question to them is when did what the people wanted to hear determine what went on your news brief?

I call out to the people who peruse this site to not accept the new media. Not to bow down to extremist points of view. Do not let them control your perception of the world. There are slews of alternative media out there waiting to be read. UTNE, The Atlantic, hell even Reuters does good at giving broad coverage across the world. Turn off the Miochael Jackson trial. Avoid the Savage Radio Show, and Cross-Fire, and Bill O'Reilly's "fair and balanced OPINION(!!!)."

This is further proof of the American Citizens inability to hold persons accountable. Politicians and news stations must be held up to the fire when they fail to deliver that which we have a right to know. We must not stand by the way-side and allow extremist ideology to run the way we think, the way we vote, and the way we live.

Holla @cha Daego.


Rockel said...

I'll give you the point that extremism is running both rampant and amuck in this "new" media. But, politics? Come on.

Some of my most hardcore Republican friends can't stand W anymore because he's become so "liberal" in his mindset of certain issues. Whereas the Democrats, perhaps changing up their gameplan due to a losing streak, are currently chasing "conservative" ideas, giving way to their stranglehold on issues such as abortion.

Everyone is chasing the middle.

Rockel said...

Uh-oh, Ryan... Chuck posted. That means you better hurry your little procrastinating behind up with another post or you'll have sole claim to longest dry spell.