Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Women are so Stupid

Whereas I could follow this awesome title up with a whole hodgepodge of legitimate arguments including, but not limited to, the fact that women make important decisions based on the whims of their ever unstable emotions, the words "logic" and "reason" lie not within their vocabulary, and, as a whole, women score lower than men do on standardized IQ tests (making them, inherently, less intelligent than men), I will instead defer to a reason not so obvious to the general public.

In 1920, women had just won a major victory over chauvinistic men like myself when they finally received the right to vote. Kudos, seriously, they deserve it. I consider "inalienable rights" to encompass all genders, be it male, female, or transgender. However, they were not content to stop there. Once again they allowed emotion to sweep over them without reason.

In the wake of such a phenomenal victory over the forces of oppression and hard-ons everywhere, women were intent on riding this wave all the way in to shore. Upon arrival, however, they would be left stranded as a beached whale upon the surf--scared, confused, and lonely. What was the next step that women wanted to take? Where would their efforts be focused next? I tell you now, women wanted to work!

Now, don't get me wrong, if women want to work, I think they should work. Get out of that kitchen woman! Put down that feather duster! Take off that apron and get down in the dirt with those men that have held you down for so long! Show them you can do it too! Just don't come bitchin' back to me when you find out it's not all it's cracked up to be.

The problem here lies within the customary responsibilities' of men and women and their juxtaposition during the 20th century. For the last, oh, several millenia or so, it has been the man's role to be the primary bread winner in the household. To go out, find work, and perform well enough to keep his family properly nourished, housed, and, hopefully, comfortable. Conversely, it has traditionally been the women's role to stay home, have/raise children, make the abode a comfortable and welcome one for their hubby.

Now, whereas the recipe to raising children and keeping men happy isn't printed in a Betty Crocker cookbook, women had it easy. The stresses of grocery shopping, carpooling, cooking and cleaning maybe great, but I would argue that they are dwarved in comparison to that of having to go out and ensure that your spouse will have the neccesarry means (by means I really mean funds) to perform these duties.

When the leading cause of marital turmoil is finances, one cannot honestly say that the role of women in the early part of the century required the level of responsibility nor the level stress that the man's role played.

Now let's fast forward to the last 15 years. The role of "stay-at-home Dad" has been steadily on the rise. A trend I do not predict to last. Why have men been more and more willing to stay home and raise children, cook, clean etc? I find the answer here to be rather simple. If my leading lady wanted me to stay home and perform these tasks instead of having to go out and face the job market while perpetually being haunted by the fact that my failure as an employee would lead to my failure as a husband/father/man, I would eagerly jump at the oppurtunity. Oh, what a weight to have lifted from one's shoulders! Never again would I have to don the monkey-suit, sit in front of some dried up old prune lying about my overwhelming desire to sit locked away in a high rise cubicle! Never again would I have to wake up at 5 AM to trudge out to some snobbish neighborhood to build some doctor's home! No, not me, I raise children. I have no job. I! PAINT! SUNSETS!

'Twould be glorious...

However, some may argue--but Ryan, there are those who feel women should still perform these duties. And,in response, I say those men are rednecks. And rednecks are stupid,too.

So, women, here's to ya. Congratulations on gettin' out of the kitchen and showing us all that "YOU CAN DO IT!" But I bet if you had it all to to do over, you might just cash out while you were ahead. I sure as hell would've

--Holla @cha Daego


Anonymous said...

Agree with ya buddy!

The Jew

Anonymous said...

Ok, since my last comment wasn't evidently good enough, I'll elaborate. I feel women should look pretty, say thanks, and keep my home comefortable for me. However, should they want to work I support them in that endevor. However, I will never be a stay at home dad. I find that a complete betrayl of being a man. You should hunt, fish..provide. Not nuture. As a man I expect myself to pay for dinner, open the door, and provide for my familiy once I have one.


Kerri Rachelle said...

Are you a fag, or like fucking only women in the ass? I would never vote for a female running for political office, but I'd never vote for a man who makes ridiculous generalities sound like....ridiculous generalities. Why don't you use names? Like, "Lucy is a whore" or "Betty is a bitch"? Anyway, I bet you're ugly.

Jersey said...

Im with ya Deago, If God left the door open for me to be a stay at home dad i would gladly answer the call. I would lvoe to chill and be with my kids. But a alas theatre is a not a stay at home profession.
To comment on Ms. kerri rachelle: No the daego is definately not a fag and its definately not ugly. Dare I say it, Indeed I do dare, hes a pimp, its a gift. Holler. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

hey fag, update, we all know women are useless and we're tired of readin about that crap. bring somethin new to the table, ENTERTAIN ME!!

C Tizzie