Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oscar Post

I've been slack and I wanted to do an Oscar post. So, here it is, with a few extras:

Pic: This ladies and gentlemen is the exquisite Marion Cotillard. My good friend Doyle has some great stuff about the Best/Worst dressed on Oscar night, but he got it all wrong on this one. No one will ever convince me that this dress, on her, is anything less than angelic. I want her so bad, oh baby, oh baby. And according to Yahoo, only 9% of players picked her to win. Even more points for me for having some serious foresight!

Article: This is Daniel Day-Lewis's back stage interview and includes such tasty gems as "none of your f--king business" and "I feel like a sandwich." Just totally classic stuff. "I drink your milkshake! I drink it up!" I love it! "I told you I was gonna eat you!" How do you turn those two lines into cinematic genius!? That script was something else...some kind of beast and that man is a pure effing genius.

WTF: Saturday Night Live owns the ultimate Oscar Parody. It is sooooooo funny!!! Scope it!

EXTRA SPECIAL POST! Acceptance speech from the Once kids. Oh so good...

Glen Hansard:
Thanks! This is amazing. What are we doing here? This is mad. We made this film two years ago. We shot on two Handycams. It took us three weeks to make. We made it for a hundred grand. We never thought we would come into a room like this and be in front of you people. It's been an amazing thing. Thanks for taking this film seriously, all of you. It means a lot to us. Thanks to the Academy, thanks to all the people who've helped us, they know who they are, we don't need to say them. This is amazing. Make art. Make art. Thanks.

Marketa Irglova:
Hi everyone. I just want to thank you so much. This is such a big deal, not only for us, but for all other independent musicians and artists that spend most of their time struggling, and this, the fact that we're standing here tonight, the fact that we're able to hold this, it's just to prove no matter how far out your dreams are, it's possible. And, you know, fair play to those who dare to dream and don't give up. And this song was written from a perspective of hope, and hope at the end of the day connects us all, no matter how different we are. And so thank you so much, who helped us along way. Thank you.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


It's Saturday morning and I am engaged in, quite certainly, the coolest internet activity in which I've ever engaged. I am playing chess with my friend in Taiwan via Facebook. It is super awesome. I cannot believe that I am able to have this kind of interaction with someone, literally, on the opposite side of the world. Ever since I began playing chess on the Facebook, this simple notion of connecting across the globe has been picking at my brain. I used to play World of Warcraft, and this notion never once gave me pause. Perhaps it's the contrast between the millenia old game of chess and the very historically nascent internet.

I want to play you in a game of Facebook chess. So, all of you must, at once, go to Facebook, install the application, "Chess," and issue me a challenge.

Now, links:

A Picture: Okay, sorry to fib...again. It's really a collection of quotes with their appropriate speaker's picture. Can I just say that I L-O-V-E Henry David Thoreau's beard?!?! OMG! Not only a revolutionary in terms of self-reliance and civil disobedience, but a regular facial fuzz forerunner. I want that beard soooo bad.

An Article: Wow! That is wicked awesome! But oh noes! There's pollution! They're chlorinating the single largest source of fresh water on the planet! It's not even like straight pool chlorine, no way, this is paper mill waste. Gross! That stuff stinks! And then old Vladi P. did some good work for the Earth. Score one for Vladi P.

WTF: Now I am absolutely certain that there is lots of stuff that pisses off lots of people, but someone actually created a list for this group. They've got links to hundreds of articles which outline the ire and disdain of Islam towards a particular cultural item. This list is long, crazy, and includes they're feelings towards Apple Computers, the Dalai Llama, even freakin' hair gel. Oh man. I'd love to see a list of what pisses off Buddhists. You think they have one? I bet it's all existential...Contest: name the best (or worst) thing on the list of everything Buddhists hate and win props on the Ego. My entry: Buddhists cannot abide the list of things they cannot abide.


Friday, February 22, 2008

For Real's This Time

More web fun from everybody's favorite Italian. Oscars are coming, are you ready? I know I am. 'Tis a secret for know...but here's a hint. Atonement.

Let's get right to it shall we:

First) I saw so many great pictures today! How can I post just one? What shall I do? Can't decide which pic is bes--Owl! Oh snap! Where did that Owl come from?! I was totally typing and bam! You see that?He was all like, get up on out my grill, dog. Intrusive owl. So, anyway, back to the pic of the day. Man, Chris Jordan Rocks! Kinda puts a whole new perspective on the way we live. Real good stuff, to me. Eerie, creepy, sad and only because it's true. Those are facts, y'know? Numbers. Stats. Can't argue with those things. They just are. Shame...

Deux) I absolutely loathe the RIAA with all the loathing in the world! They are such huge jerks! I wish I could punch them all in the face. Just line them up and and superman-it right down the line: pow, bam, smash, ouch. Like Superman action with Batman subtitles. That would be the coolest ever. However, I can't do that today because all I have is this stupid video which tries to make legislatures believe that somehow burning a CD is just like selling crack cocaine. OMG I hate the RIAA. Can't they just go away? You know they've won exactly ONE law suit. They've settled all the others. Such jerks....

Lastly) That last one was gonna be the WTF until I found this WTF which is by far more wtf-ish. I should come up with something like this: send me $100 and I'll let my buddy shove me in the lake with all my clothes on while filming it, then I'll post it on youTube and say it was all your fault! It's like you pay me to shove me into a lake only you don't do the shoving so you're hands are clean and you can sleep easy knowing that you've been morally absolved due to the wonders of capitalism. Thanks Capitalism!

Be back tomorrow! (hopefully...what if there is no tomorrow?)

Just Pretend it's Yesterday

So, for one reason or another I didn't have enough time yesterday to do my super-awesome Best of teh Intrawebs. So, just act like it's Thursday and all these goodies will be like new. I'll post tonight as well. Since it's Friday, I can stay up past my bedtime.

1) Pic: Again, not so much a single picture. This is actually a great resource. I've bookmarked this page and used it several times. You should, too. It's a Chinese Character Dictionary and uses many different dialects. So, before you get that wicked sweet tattoo, you may want to confirm what the guy at the parlor says. Just because he thinks it means "Strength," doesn't mean he's not an idiot nor a prankster and you may be about to get stuck with "he who has small penis" on his arm for the rest of your life. That's wisdom, baby.

B) This article, I feel, says a lot about our relations with China. I'm not a China hater and I really wish they would get their act together on product and food safety. But, let's be real for a second. We're asking the Chinese to do in something like 10-15 years what took over a hundred years for America to do. I mean, the FDA is a rather new bureaucracy compared to our over 200 year old country. I'm not surprised Olympiads are doing this, though. I certainly would and I most certainly support it.

III) WTF?! They did this in 1973!! Oh, this gets my dander up (this gets up my dander?)! I just can't believe that we've got our panties in a twist these days about gas mpg, carbon emissions, global warming etc. and this kind of technology has been available for 35 years. Just quite bitter. It's not even like what they did was very advanced or even convenient, stylish or marketable. But, I mean, come on. After 35 years of playing with this idea you'd figure someone would do it better. I mean how hard is it to, instead of 376 mpg get half that? A quarter of that?!?! OMG. So pissed

I hope the internets were kind to you, too.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Teh best of teh Intrawebs

So, I spend a lot of time on the internets and I wanted to share with all you lovely people the best of the web I see everyday. We'll see how long this lasts. But my goal is seven straight days. So, keep checking this week, and maybe I'll make it through.

I'm struggling. Do I do just one link? I have at least five...maybe I could do like one picture and one article and one "wtf." We'll try that today:

Pic: I didn't see a decent stand-alone pic, but I did see this article with great pics. I don't know how I feel about the tone of that article. It seems patronizing of one of the oldest civilizations on the planet. Still, I'd love to see an Armani/Surma walk-off.

Article: Total eclipse of the moon tonight! I'm excited! Are you? Eclipses always make me feel weird. I love it. I'll be out there tonight contemplating my life, the universe and our place in it.

WTF: Today's WTF won't hurt anyone's feelings. It's actually kinda cool. Play. (the sites down right now, but it should be back up by the time you read this...for the meantime)

Tomorrow, there shall be more of Teh best of teh Intrawebs!

P.S. is always sooooo funny!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


So, working with Ms. Cameron (see previous post) has led me to not only create more, but to feel better about that which I do create. Talk about liberation. Or talk about fulfillment. Or, if you dare, talk about strudel.


I don't often update this blog, for reasons which I am unawares...regardless, a creative outpouring of mine will often manifest itself over on The Hayworth's 'blog: The Propaganda Pipeline ( Blogger is being retarded right now and not letting me create posts with the fancy interface, thus, no linkage.

I have recently posted on his troubles with MRSA, a medically resistant form of the staph bacteria. It's a three part series that has brought great joy to my life. Indeed, the Empire is a glorious creation for which I often receive awkward glances. Some people have a terribly difficult time wrapping their heads around the fact that I help run an intergalactic empire. I don't know why.

Either way, here are links to the three part series:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ok. So, Yea and Stuff

Hola, Interwebs. This is an update about me. I would update you on other matters, however I have to live up to the title of this 'blog.

The past few months have been interesting, exciting, terrifying, liberating, joyful, and many other, mostly positive, adjectives.

I've been in the theatre non-stop since July 1. Well, I took two weeks off there in August, but otherwise, it's been go, go, go. I'm closing up a run of Euripides's' "Trojan Women" at Meredith College right now. My sentiments surrounding the show are mixed, indeed. If you've seen the show, or if not, grab a hold of me offline for interesting conversation.

I have a new girlfriend. Too soon, you ask? No, I respond. Just right. I've recently been accused of being a serial monogamist. Well, not accused, but inquired as to whether I was or not. So, adopting the title was a choice I made. I am. I like it. New GF is named Melissa (aka Melly Mel) and she's pretty awesome. She's not perfect. None are nor ever will be. However, I take great joy in all of who she is and hopes to be, even if all those things scare me a bit. She's an actress/dancer, in that order, and this leads us to find rather creative means of spending time together and also to exchanging intelligent conversation over tea and quinoa. She's a crafty one, too. I don't mean she does crafts. I mean she's sneaky and sly, but not in a deceptive way. She has her wits well about her and helps me find perspective - often different ones at that. And she's absolutely gorgeous, but I'm sure you knew that.

I have a roommate these days, as well. The Emperor has taken up shop on my living room floor. I'm always glad to help a friend in need and his company has yet to be in any way a nuisance. We've actually decided to found Empire HQ just down the road a bit in a two-bedroom apartment. We'll let you know when HQ is up and running for public tours.

Autumn is here. She flew in late and sudden and I've been rather chilly ever since - especially my toes. Circulation issues, perhaps...I'm endeavoring to leave the heat off this Winter, however I worry that the apt. may be too poorly insulated for such lofty goals. Also, the sun is hidden by trees, even though I have two eastward facing windows, so She offers little heat during the day.

If you've not read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, you're doing yourself a great disservice. This book is changing my life. I'm reading it after recently finishing another life altering book entitled The Intent to Live by Larry Moss. If you are an actor reading this 'blog, you owe it to yourself to buy, read, and study Mr. Moss's lessons.

Plans have been made and steps have been taken to take the plunge into the great unknown that is New York City. Mixed emotions about this as well. I'm not there yet, but I long to be. There is a great passion within me for this thing I do called acting and the artist within me is screaming at me many things - mostly dreams. I suppose there are two choices here: listen or ignore. Today, I choose to listen, give in to passion, and dare to follow dreams.

Heard on NPR: In life we have to make terrifying choices or else we will die a slow death.

I'm too young to start dying.